How To Root Android Device | How To Root Android Free (2019 Updated)

Hey Folks!! If you really want to learn ” How To Root Android Device Safe “. Then, You should be more careful to Root Android Free. Because it has some Pros as well as Cons.

So, Guys! You need not be bothered Cons on Rooting Android Device. Because Here, I have a complete guide on “How To Root Android Device Safe” with some easy steps. Just follow this guide which helps you out of errors caused while Android Rooting at your own risk.

Before going to learn How to Root Android Mobile, You must have a look at Basic factors: What Is Android Rooting? Is Android Rooting Safe? Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Root? Etc., from this guide.

Android Rooting

Android Rooting is a process done to attain Privileged Control over your device. It allows root access to modify system settings as needed. And, You can uninstall unwanted system apps not done previously. By doing this, you can almost set your RAM space free from unnecessary apps.

In other words, Rooting means the ability gained to alter or modify the system applications and settings on your choice. It also permits users to alter or removal of the device operating system.

Also, I have listed the best android rooting apps to root android safely. You can choose anyone on among these list of android root Apks.

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How To Root Android Device

Before Root Android Smartphone, You need to have a Backup of Your Android. Because there might be data loss while Android Rooting. So, You need to have an Android Backup taken before rooting for safe android rooting.

So, here are The Steps on how to have a Backup Of Your Android Device.

Backup Android Device:

The first precaution everyone needs to do is Backup Of Android. Because nothing can be predicted before. So, Backup is needed. Follow the steps below to take a Backup Of Your Andriod Device.

  • Open “Settings” on your Andriod from Menu.
  • Scroll down to find “More Settings” from settings Explore it.
  • And here, Click on an Option “Backup & Reset” from More Settings menu.
  • Clicking on Backup & Reset will show options like “Backup data” & “Restore data”.
  • Hit on “Backup data” to start back up of your Android device on Google server associated with your Gmail Account.

That’s it! You have successfully done. And Backup Data can be easily restored on your Android by one click using Restore Data from settings.

With the successful Backup of Your Android Device,

Follow the steps below to Root Android device without using a computer:

#01# First Step, To download and install the Best Root Apk For Android. So, KingoRoot Apk For Android is taken here.

#02# You can Download & Install KingoRoot Apk Free from the given link here.

#03# After Installation, Run Apk installed on Android.

#04# As soon as Apk launched, KingoRoot Apk detects Your Android Version & Model and displayed on the screen.

#05# And after detecting, You will be able to see “One Click Root” on the screen.

#06# Hit on the “One Click Root” to start android Rooting safely.

#07# Typically, rooting may take time depending on Model & Android OS. So, you need to wait.

#08# And Finally, You will be displayed the result of rooting success/Failure.

So, this is the complete guide to root android device safely without using pc.

How To Root Android Device using Computer:

You can also Root Android Device using your pc. Below are some easy and simple steps to root Android using windows.

#01# You need to Download KingoRoot For PC from the official website.

#02# Install kingoRoot PC version downloaded on your pc.

#03# Launch Apk Installed on your Pc. And then, Connect your Android to your PC using USB Cable.

#04# After connecting, You are asked to enable Debugging on your Android.

#05# And, KingoRootApk starts detecting the device model & OS connected.

#06# Finally, Click on the “Root” to start Rooting Android easily by just one click.

These are the simple & easy steps on how to root android smartphones using pc/ without using pc. So, you can choose any method depending on your choice.



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