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MOVIEBOX: If you have more interest to watch movies and tv series to enjoy when you are at free time MOVIEBOX is the best app for you. some years back there is no app like this to watch or download movies whatever you want at any time at any place. But when moviebox is available in your devices the story is very different as with this application .you can watch & download your favorite movies and latest tv shows.moviebox

MovieBox allows you to free access to all its resources. The movies and tv shows are updated daily .so there is no chance to miss anything that is updated. you can run a movie box on various devices and operating systems. So that you can enjoy your free time with your favorite tv shows and movies in HD.

Movie box allows you to download and watch movies in your smartphones for free of cost. Movie box is one of the most popular apps in the movies entertainment category which works smoothly in all smartphones running ios, android, and pc windows as well. movie box is an app of a new era there is no need to wait for downloading your favorite tv shows and movies each but you can get all of them on your smartphone or you can watch live without even downloading.moviebox

It is not only limited to movies and tv shows but you are also able to find the most popular series to with this app it is not available in the google play store due to the terms of services. so you have to download from their official website.


before going to the installation process of movie box there are some features of the movie box which makes you fall in love with viewing experience it offers.

Daily updates:moviebox

In today’s rapidly changing world anything which does n’t up to date with the circumstances is of no use. this rule applies to apps also. so the apps which don’t get updated from time to time will no longer serve the needs of the user effectively.

but when it comes to moviebox app it keeps on updating itself to provide users with good experience.

Different categories:moviebox

Categories all its contents.which makes it easier for users to choose their entertainment.


Allows users to enjoy movies with higher resolutions. Users can pick any of these regulations f360p, 480p,720p, and enjoy the movies in 1080p full HD also.

Watch & Download:

Allows users either to watch their favorite movies and tv series online or to download the movies to watch some other times.

cross-platform compatibility moviebox Apk:


First originally created as an ios application, but thanks developers now it is also available for Android and windows.

however, you can’t get the app from the google play store but via downloading it from the official website.

No payments:moviebox

There no payment for anything to watch movies and tv shows the installation of this app is also free.

Gives notification when your favorite tv shows are available. It helps you to keep tabs with your favorite tv series so that you do not miss anything.

It allows users to choose their favorite tv series and movies and bookmark them. Which helps the user to create their movie library to watch the movies later.

User-friendly GUI:moviebox
Applications graphical user interface is lovely to behold and very easy to use.

Allows users can narrow their searching and commands the search engine assists in finding desired movies and tv series faster. The results can further be filtered either by using video quality or genre.

No sign-up:moviebox
movie box does not need any type of registrations or sign up.  In the process, users can use this app without any registrations or sign in.


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