Most of all we may come across the much alternative application to the original WhatsApp. among all of them, gbwhatsapp  is the first alternative. GBwhatsapp in the present technological era whatsapp is the best messaging app.gbwhatsapp is but still it has some loopholes or drawbacks. gbwhatsapp in order to over these drawback with are lagging by the main reason why you are here, while we are here to help you out this problem with the best solution.

with its astonishing features because gbwhatsapp plus become the topmost user-friendly app for Whatsapp plus become the most user-friendly app for whatapp in an unofficial mode i’m sure that this application going to fulfill. gbwhatsapp has all your needs by providing the amazing features which include to experience you better. gbwhatsapp with just one click of installing ahead .if you go for a feedback or review session on the gbwhatsappplus most of the users will give you na positive response .


most of all the netizens who feels dissatisfy while using the original whatsapp are gradually shifting their interest to gbwhatsapp merely based on the positive and honest reviews. if go through the google play store  you will find some pretty good feedback or reviews on gb whatsappapk. in the comparison it self you can clearly figure out that it has better feature compared to the originbal one on of  the features  is it provides an ease while surfing with different tabs. gbwhatsapp is almost a marvellous app and which you can be believe by the end of this article.


  • gbwhatsapp is custmizable app for the original while whatsapp which can help you to access a many number of features those  are lagging in the original whatsapp.
  • in general while you are copying a text from the whatsapp chat you have to copy the entire menage.
  • but here in gbwhatsapp you can select the same position which you want to copy from the whole text , this will surely reduce your time.
  • while it provides direct access to watch the status directly from the chat screen instead of clicking inside of the each and every name.
  • Gbwhatsapp can help to maintain your privacy by providing the features seems may be like hiding the contact profile picture awesome is n”t it…..?
  • it has default theme down loader so you can download the cool themes directly to create the cool impact.
  • No fear of banning the app. GBWHATSAPP  is an anti ban app.
  • No 16Mb limit on the video sent. you can sent up to 700 Mb size.
  • Also the no of images sent at a time can also increases may be from 10 to 90 images.
  • you can get an access to to watch photos without downloading them.
  • features seems may be like show fake last seen can be utilised.

here in below i have explain the below steps to download and install GBWHATSAPP  PLUS


  • While latest cool & refreshing look
  • option to preview bubbles
  • more no of notification icon are added .
  • included a new option to center names in conversation  headed.
  • you can experience unlimited video call ,through whatsapp by the amazing working video (or) option .
  • GB setting updated with the latest  launched icon.
  • rearrangement in the gb settings of the other mods sections .
  • in cards new option centered titles
  • lock screen option
  • change in the limit of video to 100 mb superb …is nt it ?
  • cool material  icons and other new beautiful icons
  • new material notify icons
  • latest upgraded sounds while making incoming and outgoing of the messenger.


firstly, You should backup all the chat data or any other media from whatsapp as said below.


  1. After uninstall the original whatsapp in your device.
  2. Then you can get an acess to download and install GBWHATSAPP in your android smartphone.
  3. Now by opening the GBWHATSAPPAPK ,click on the option seems may be like ” AGREE AND CONTINUE “
  4. Probably Then provide your mobile number in the required option.
  5. Afterwards,you will receive an ONETIME PASSWORD (OTP) through the number which you provide previously.
  6. kindly enter the 6 digit code in the given box and the  click on “NEXT” option.
  7. by entering your name ,you will be able to set a cool & awesome profile picture .
  8. That’s it you have done it buddy….successful installation of GBWHATSAPPAPK for android smartphone is done easily.
  9. Now you can enjoy LATESTGBWHATSAPP+  and have fun ….
  10. Hope you wont  forget  to share it with your friends and others.


As mentioned clearly above the steps which you use to download the GBWHATSAPP are very simple and easy for everyone as it won”t take much time to the installation.

if the ORIGINALITY and EXCLUSIVITY are your primary features while using the app then you should go for the original whatsapp undoubtly. but features and fun is your should prefer GBWHATSAPP over the original one.however “SECURITY” is your only and major concern then simply you can go and download the original whatsapp which has fantastic reputation in the security provide features ,you need not to think nothing else.




the main purpose of writing this article is to get you people an clear exposure towards the GBWHATSAPPAPK to do so i have clearly mentioned the steps the steps which you are going to talk while down loading (or) installing the GBWHATSAPP . hope it will help you to find the easy way.

It we come to the size of the app it is 30 MB only and also i have referal various features of the GBWHATSAPP  while comparing with the original one.and mentioned the change log features of the latest upgraded version of this has more themes ,icons icons,messages,sound amd many others intrsesting and cool features as well.

If you want an alternate to the app ,then you can go with the other apps like whatsplus (or)

Yowhatsapp .

The other features of GBWHATSAPP & if won’t consume much space and ram in your android device as it consists only of 30 mb which is very less .

you can get latest updates about  GBWHATSAPPAPK or GBWHATSAPPPLUS just simply bookmark this page and SUBSCRIBE MY BLOG VIA EMAIL..


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